The History of Machete : The Rise of a Super Tool

We all know that machetes are the tools that so popular all around the globe. It is an ancient tool that humans have been using for a very long time. There are only a few tools that have the importance of a machete in human life. The era of these fantastic tools continues going into this new world as well.


Here in this post, we are going to peek into the past to know more about Machetes. And we will explore everything that an average machete user needs to know. Also, we have included points according to the global importance of Machete.

What does the word ‘Machete’ mean?

Machete is a broad, heavy knife or blade with some covers to provide better swing and cutting ability. Also, you can consider Machete as a little sword because it looks like a mini sword.

The first word Macho is a Spanish word; it points to the sledgehammer. But it does not look like a hammer; the name is only presenting the power of this tool.

History Of Machete:

According to some researchers, humans have been using this small sword like the tool for a very long time. Researchers found many old machetes in the excavation of ancient places. By doing some experiments on those old machetes, researchers came to know that these machetes are of the medieval age.

According to the research, the golden era of these machetes was from the thirteenth centuries to onward. These machetes are looks very similar to the Falchion. Now you might be wondering that what a Falchion means? Right. So, the Falchion is a short sword, and it has been a dangerous weapon for many years.

There are some significant and noticeable differences also you can find between a machete and Falchion. A typical Machete does not have any protection/guard on the handle part. Where you can find a guard on the handle of a Falchion, some modern style machetes also come with the guard, but this type of Machetes are very uncommon.

A standard machete shows similarities with Kopis, which is an ancient Greek weapon. Not only this buy, but it also looks very similar to Germanic and traditional Chinese tools seax and Dao.

Machetes are not only the ordinary daily uses of tools, but a typical Machete can be a dangerous weapon as well.

Uses Of Machetes:

Machetes have a wide range of fields where a person can use them for their work. These are the best multi-purpose tools that can help you a lot in day-to-day tasks. You can get an idea that every country’s people are using a different type of Machete. It is all because of its popularity all around the world, that is why there you will get lots of varieties in Machetes. Also, you can find some Machetes that are mainly available for selective work only.

We have listed some fields where you can use a typical Machete to do that work fast and accurately.

Agricultural Uses

It is the most common uses field of a standard Machete. You can get an idea that most of the Machete originated from agricultural land. The peoples of agricultural land frequently use this fantastic tool to make their work so much easier.

We are saying this because Machetes are perfect for chopping or cutting soft greenery or plants. Even you can cut hardwood plants with the help of a Machete. Mainly farmers are using this tool for Cutting the vegetation of their lands like sugar canes. Yes, the use of this tool has indeed changed since the beginning of the modern era. But some so many people still love to cut vegetation with the help of a traditional Machete.

Home Uses

As we know that Machetes are multi-purpose tools, so you can even use a Machete for home uses as well. It is because a machete is not more different from a big knife. That is why so many people keep a Machete at their home.

So the first use of a Machete in your home’s kitchen uses. Not only this, but you can also use a Machete to clean your backyard. It means that you can cut or chop small branches of your garden to clean it. So, Machetes are very helpful for a person who loves greenery at home and want everything appropriately arranged.

Uses In Outdoor Activities

If you are a nature lover, then you might also love to explore new places as well. If your answer is yes, then you should always need to keep a Machete with you. During the camping, you also need to collect wooden branches for a fire at night. In this case, a Machete will be going to help you a lot to collect branches.

Also, During the hiking, you should keep this fantastic tool with you. It is because you will be going to need it frequently to make your camping experience excellent.

Uses Like A Weapon

There are many countries where the military uses these tools for a necessary weapon. We are saying this because, during military missions, every soldier needs these tools. It is not only for military uses; even an average person can use a Machete for self-defense as well.

So these were some prevalent uses of a Machete. Thus, according to us, now you have a great idea where you can use a machete to make your work easier. There are so many benefits present to keep a Machete with you.

You can keep a common type of Machete with you like Kukri, Bolo, Parang, Panga, etc. These Machetes have little difference from each other. Majorly the difference is present only in the sector of design and shape.


This entire post was all about an essential and great tool or weapon. This necessary and great tool is Machete. In this post, we have covered everything that an average user of Machete needs to know about.

Also, we have listed some fields where you commonly need a Machete. It not only does your work fast, but it also provides maximum efficiency to the user as well.

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