SOG SOGFari Kukri Review

SOG SOGFari Kukri Review

Tools are what makes life easier. Without tools, it is difficult to do any type of work. When talking about tools, the first tool that comes in one’s mind is a knife or other edged tools. But, what to do when such edged tools don’t work? That will be a frustrating situation for anyone. But, if you have a kukri Machete for your works, there will be no frustration at all. It can work in any condition and make your work easier. Here, I am reviewing a kukri; named SOG SOGFari Kukri, which is a great tool and can be used for any type of cutting work. This is a top-quality product from SOG family and has a great name in the market.

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This kukri has changed my lifestyle and enabled me for hiking at any location. After including this product in my toolbox, I feel free to cut anything effortlessly. You also can feel that level of freedom if you start using this product. It can be used for harvesting crops, hunting, hiking, cutting wood or logs, cutting vegetables for a meal and many other purposes. This kukri can be a handy tool for anyone to do outdoor and indoor works easily. For clearing trails and brush, this product is considered as an outstanding solution. It is an 18-inch long tool, which enables anyone to do any cutting work easily.

Who should use this product?

If you do hiking frequently, then you should use this product for clearing your path. Its sharp edge allows cutting anything with ease. So, this product can be used for cooking purposes indoor as well as outdoor. This kukri has a saw tooth edge on the back, so anyone can use it for cutting branches and logs easily. It is a lightweight product, as it just weighs 15 ounces. So, you can use this kukri at anyplace for any purpose without any worries. This sturdy, high carbon steel kukri is ideal for cutting any heavy things with ease. So, adventurers can use this kukri on their adventure tours for cutting the brushes, bushes and other things easily.

The blade length of this kukri is 12 inches and has a curve near the middle part. The thickness of this blade is about 0.8-inch. On the opposite of the curved blade, there is a saw-toothed edge that works as a normal saw. So, when you have this product with you, you no need to buy an extra saw for cutting works. As it is a multipurpose tool, one tool is enough for doing any type of work. You can use the cutting blade for chopping vegetables and other items and the saw-toothed blade for cutting wood, small logs, etc. Its sturdy rubber handle offers the perfect grip while doing any job.

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SOG SOGFari Kukri Features:

  • Top-quality high carbon steel blade:

This kukri is made of high carbon steel for offering the perfect strength for doing any type of work. Because of this unique blade, this kukri becomes suitable for all types of works. The 3Cr13 high carbon steel offers high durability so that you can use it for a long time. This blade has a superb finish that looks great, and the black color offers a unique feel. The blade has two cutting edges for cutting the things effortlessly. Because of this blade, this kukri is a popular product in the market today.

  • Convenient nylon sheath:

After completing the operation, the kukris should be kept in a safe place. One best thing about this product is it comes with a nylon sheath to keep the kukri safely. By keeping the kukri in this sheath, you can ensure it is safe from corrosion. This sheath allows the users to carry the kukri easily with them. So, I suggest you to keep this nylon sheath always with you for the safety of this tool. Also, the sheath has a unique design and provides an eye-catching look. I personally use this sheath whenever I use the kukri. I liked its zipper and belt loop design, as it offers extra safety and allows me to carry it on my belt or backpack easily.

  • Multipurpose ability:

Because of its top-class material and outstanding design, this product is ideal for use for many purposes. By having this tool at home, anyone can do anything with ease. Whether you do hiking, woodcutting, cooking, shelter making or clearing the brush, this product is designed to offer the utmost performance to you. This feature makes you worry-free for doing any kind of work.

  • Comfortable Kraton rubber handle:

The SOG SOGFari kukri comes with a durable handle and offers super gripping for doing the jobs comfortably. The handle is 6 inches long and made of Kraton rubber for high strength. I love to hold this handle and do the job, and I have never seen such a sturdy handle before in other kukris. The handle has a hole for lanyard. You can use a cord in this hole to improve the gripping.

Tips for using:

Now, I will give you some using tips so that you can use this product successfully.

  • You must always carry this best kukri in the sheath, as high carbon steel offers high performance in dry conditions, but in wet conditions, there may be a risk of corrosion.
  • This is a thin blade, so you shouldn’t put much pressure on it. Otherwise, it may break.


SOG SOGFari kukri is a great edged tool for using in varieties of works. With a unique design and extraordinary features, this product is a luxury to have in your toolbox. This product is ideal for any kind of indoor and outdoor activities, so anyone looking for a premium-quality knife can use it. It is a convenient product and comes at an affordable price. Because of its sturdiness, adventure lovers and military people use this product for several purposes. Its high-quality blade and handle are great to experience superb performance. So, I would suggest you to use this product if you are looking for a machete or kukri.

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