How to Use a Sharpening Stone Effectively

If you use a knife daily, then you should need to maintain the sharpness of your blade for better performance. For daily knife maintenance, you can use several types of methods. Where some methods are traditional, and some are very modern. If you do time to time Maintenance of your knife, then you will be able to see a significant boost in the performance of the blade.

Here in this post, we are going to tell you how you can use a sharpening stone to keep your knife sharpened. There are many things that you need to know about the effective use of a sharpening-stone.

Types of sharpening stones:

There are mainly four types of sharpening stones present in the market. These are the most common sharpening stones, and every person who uses a knife also needs to know about these stones.

Oil stone:

This type of Stone is widespread because humans have been using these knives for a long time. Also, you can say that these are the most traditional sharpening stones as well. The name of this Stone is pointing to the process of preparing it. If you want to use this type of Stones, then you need to lubricate them from oil then after you can use them to sharpen your knife.

Water stone:

You can find two types of water stones; commonly, the first type is natural water stones. And the second type is synthetic (human-made) water stones. The tribes of japan and Belgium have been using these water stones for centuries. A water stone means you need to use water to lubricate these stones before sharpening the knife.

Diamond sharpening stone:

This type of Stone is very famous nowadays all around the world. Mostly professionals and chefs love to use these sharpening stones. In this type of Stone, you will find thin diamond pieces embedded in nickel-plated steel. These types of rocks are very efficient and fast to sharpen a knife.

Arkansas stone:

You can use this type of Stone with oil and water. Earlier, they called ‘Razor Stone.’ You will find this type of Stone in rectangular shapes in the market.

Preparations Before Sharpening A Knife:

Remember that before sharpening a knife/blade, you should always need to prepare the Stone first. It doesn’t matter which type of Stone you have because you can do this step with any sharpening stone. If you also want to sharpen your knife effectively and safely, then follow these steps.

  • First of all, take a towel or damp cloth on a flat surface. Then take your sharpening stone and put that Stone on that towel or wet cloth. And make sure that you do this process on a flat surface. It is because this helps to prevent the sliding effect during the sharpening.
  • Now it is time to lubricate the sharpening Stone. To know about which type of Lubricant you should use, check the user manual that comes with the sharpening-stone.
  • Always make sure not to use vegetable oil or olive oil for sharpening purposes. It would be best if you use honing oil instead of vegetable or olive oil. It is because of the honing oil is the best choice (approved) for sharpening.
  • If you are using stones like diamond stone, then you do not need any Lubricant for sharpening.
  • Now take the Lubricant and put a thin line of it in the middle of the sharpening-stone. Then gently spread the Lubricant on the full surface of the Stone.

So, this is how you can prepare a sharpening stone before sharpening your blade. Now we will be going to look at what you should keep in your mind before sharpening a knife on your own.

Angle Of Knife Is Important:

It is the main point that allows you to sharpen your knife according to the situation of your knife. Do not ignore this point if you want to sharpen your knife correctly and safely.

The most common angle that everyone will suggest you sharpening your knife at an angle of 20 degrees. We also recommend you keep the blade at 20 degrees of angle to get a smooth and Sharp edge.

Holding the knife is also a crucial thing that you should also keep in mind. To sharpen or to get a perfect grip on a knife, you need to hold it correctly. First of all, grab a knife from the downside of the handle. Then tilt it from 90 degrees to 45 degrees towards the surface of sharpening stone. That is it; now you are good to go for sharpening your knife.

How to get a sharp edge on your knife:

Here we will tell you or share some tips with you for sharpening the blade. These tips will be going to help you to do this sharpening process fast and effectively.

  • First, take your knife and put it on the lubricated surface of sharpening stone. Make sure that the angle of 20 degrees between blade and Stone.
  • Now slowly move the knife from its bottom to tip in a smooth motion. Give some time to the blade to get through the Lubricant.
  • Do this same thing at least four to five times. But remember that this also depends upon the dullness of your blade as well.
  • Now flip the knife to sharpen the second side. Repeat the same process on the second side of the blade; do it for four to five-time.
  • Again flip the knife on the first side, but this time move the blade from its tip to bottom. Do this process five to six times. Also, make sure to implement this process on both sides of the knife.
  • You can also do it for a long time if you have a blade with a total dull edge. Doing for a long time can give a Sharpe and thin edge to your dull knife.

Final Words:

If you don’t know how you can use a sharpening stone to sharpen your knife, then read this post. It’s because, in this post, we have provided knowledge that an average user needs to get before sharpening their knife.

There is everything present that will help you to sharpen the knife fast and effectively without any problem.

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