How To Use A Machete Safely: 5 Most Common Problems

While using a dangerous tool or weapon like a machete, you should always take some safety steps. These safety measures are not only about the blade, but you can also apply to any dangerous or Sharp tool. We are saying this because if you don’t care about your safety, then it will not take too much time, and you can get injured yourself.


How To Use A Machete Safely

Here in this post, we will be showing you some of the most common problems that you will face with a machete. No matter if you are a pro or a beginner, you should always use to keep these problems in your mind and always make sure to avoid them.

  1. Hand Gripe Of Machete:

There are the most common misconceptions people have about the grip of the machete. Many people think that the harder you hold the blade then, the better you can get from it. But according to the masters of the blade, this is a complete misunderstanding. The hard hold can’t allow you to move or swing the blade in a smooth motion.

If you also want to swing or use the machete like a master, then you should hold the knife with a flexible and smooth grip. If you own the blade harder, then you will feel tiredness in your wrist. But there is no such case with a supple and stable grip. Also, you can swing the blade like a professional user as well.

  1. Blisters:

If you use the hand tools a lot or you have to use hand tools for your work, then you might know about the problem of blisters. But a master of hand tools always avoids this type of standard difficulty. Almost all the professionals and masters still use the pinch grip for hand tools to prevent the blisters.

Now you might be wondering about the most common question that what the pinch grip means? Right. Pinch grip is the best way to hold a machete or even any other hand tool. It is a guarantee that if you use a pinch grip instead of a hard grip, then the chance of your injury will decrease automatically. In other words, the pinch grip is to hold the machete with the help of your finger and thumb. But it would be best if you hold the blade loosely. And with the other fingers of your hand will support the gentle hold. By holding a machete and other hand tools with a pinch grip will allow you to move the blade in a flexible movement. By using the pinch grip, you can ensure the lowest possible blisters on your palm. Also, you can generate more power with that particular tool/machete as well.

  1. Machete Spillage:

Most of the people ignore this common problem. They think that they can’t do anything for the spillage problem of a machete. But a master or a professional solves this problem by using some cautions. The spillage occurs only because of some specific reasons. Mostly it happens only because of wet hands. Most people face this problem during the summers. It is because high temperatures can cause hand sweating. That is why your hand becomes wetter because of the hand sweat. That is why the spillage occurs mostly in summer days. And because of the spillage, you can get injured as well. We know that the machete is a substantial and Sharp weapon or tool. That is why when it falls, then it can cause serious injury to your foot or hand.

But the professionals and experts solve this problem with some simple tricks. If you also want to use the machete or any other safely, then you should follow these safety steps. The most common way to solve the spillage problem is to use gloves. If you don’t want to use a machete with gloves, then make sure that you don’t use the knife with wet hands. For a better grip on the blade, you can use a lanyard for the machete. A string allows you a perfect grip for a smooth and flexible hold.

  1. Hitting the knee and hands:

If you don’t follow the necessary safety steps, then it can cause some issues. It generally happens when you swing the machete unequally or abnormally. If you also do the same when turning the blade, then stop doing this today.

Because it can cause severe injuries in your hand or foot, some people already lost their hands or feet because of these silly mistakes. For safety, don’t try to swing the machete across your body. Always try to sway the blade away from your body. Our meaning is wielding the sword on the right or left sides of your body to avoid any injury.

  1. Swinging Angle:

The swinging angle matters a lot if you want to use a machete in a proper but safe way. Most of the people generally make the same mistake of hitting the blade straight. Our meaning is they try to swing/hit the machete without making any angle with it.

But instead of hitting/swinging straight, you should always swing the machete on 45 degrees of angle. By doing this, you can generate more power from the blade. Also, you can cut deeper with this trick. To reduce material like wood, always try to cut in V shape because by doing this, you can do it more effectively and fast as well.

Additional Tips:

  • Always try to avoid Sharp tools like machete/knives when you feel tired.
  • To do your work fast and smoothly, always try to use a sharp machete instead of a dull machete.
  • Do not carry or keep machete with you if you don’t have its sheath.
  • Always stay on a safe side while using any sharp tools because there is nothing more important than your safety.

Final Words:

If you are wondering how you can use the machete or any other sharp tools carefully, then this post can help you a lot. Here in this post, we have listed the five most common problems that an average user faces with a machete. Also, we have provided instructions to avoid these problems as well. you love to check the best machete reviews here.

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