How to Sharpen a Kukri

Kukri is a very popular or most common type of machete. These kukri blades are helpful to do the chopping and slashing tasks even you can use them as multi-purpose machete as well. We know that a sharp knife can cut anything in a very smooth manner. The same also applies in the case of Kukri Machete.

So here, we are going to look at some essential and useful methods to sharpen a kukri blade. These methods or techniques are not only for kukri blades. By using these methods, anyone can Sharpen any machete or knife.

Methods To Sharpen A Kukri:

It is not all about to sharpen kukri, but you also need to take care of some other essential things as well. During the sharpening process, anyone should need to take care of the curve, handle of kukri/blade, and yourself as well.

With The Help Of Chakmak Stone:

Using a Chakmak-stone for sharpening any knife is a very traditional way to sharpen. Also, humans have been using this technique for a very long time,  and also it is working pretty well. If you don’t know what Chakmak stone is in real, then we want to tell you that this is a special kind of stone. The primary reason why so many people love this kind of stone is that it works like a great sharpener. Not only this, but survival experts also use it to start a fire in wild areas without any match-box.

To sharpen kukri with a Chakmak-Stone, you need to take a small piece of it. Then chose your kukri blade and held it on a low or particular angle. Holding the knife in a little perspective can provide better sharpness. Now rub that small piece of Chakmak-Stone on the sharp edge of the kukri blade. Repeat the whole process a few times to get better sharpness. After that, take a cloth to clean the side of the kukri because the sharpness process is coming to an end. After cleaning the sharp edge, you can use that kukri blade/machete.

Sharpening With Metal File:

If your kukri blade lost its whole sharpness, then you can’t Sharpen that dull kukri with any other methods. To sharpen that dull kukri, you need a unique but simple way to do this task.

For this take a thing metal file, because a metal file can provide maximum sharpness to a very dull edge. Now, rub that metal file on the side of the kukri and do it in a forwarding and backward manner. If you want a proper sharpness on the edge of your kukri blade, then you need to do something extra. We want to suggest to you that when you are rubbing the metal file on the kukri, then make sure to keep a very steep angle on the curved area. Also, for excellent sharpness on the bottom area of the kukri, you need to rub that metal file in a very lesser perspective. By adequately doing this whole process, you can get an exceptional sharpness even on a dull kukri blade.

With Stones And Pucks:

There are so many types of stones are present in nature to sharpen a metallic blade. Also, humans are using these simplest methods for a very long time to sharpen weapons. And because there are two types of surfaces present in a kukri blade, that is why you need to rub it carefully to sharpen it. By rubbing a stone on kukris concave surface backward and forward, you can get an excellent sharpness.

If you want to sharpen kukri with pucks, then the same process also applies to it. But for better sharpness, we want to recommend you to rub a puck on kukri in a circular motion. By doing this process continuously, you can get a reputable sharpness on your kukri machete.

Honing Steel Method:

For this method, you need to take a special kind of steel rod or steel stick. It is a stick where you can see a very rough surface on it. And because of this uneven surface, you can sharpen your kukri blade very fast with low pressure.

For doing this method, stick you kukri in a stable position. After that rub, this steel rode on the edge of the kukri to sharpen it. Do this task from the tip to the bottom part of the kukri blade. Anyone can do this method because it requires very less pressure as compared to the Chakmak-Stone method.

There are also some other methods are also available that you can do to sharpen your kukri blade. Some ways are only possible with a special kind of machine to sharpen a kukri. Also, some manual methods like ‘Rada Quick Edge Method’ are present if you love to Sharpen your kukri with your own hands.

Safety Tips While Sharpening Kukri Machete:

  • Don’t forget about your safety while sharpening a kukri or even any blade. For safety purposes, you always should need to wear hand gloves while Sharpening.
  • Always stay alert while sharpening kukri because there are still have benefits to remaining on the safe side.
  • If you are sharpening a dull kukri or a rusted kukri then always use kerosene or oil plus a cloth for cleaning.
  • When you are not using that blade or machete that it will be right for you if you keep it in its cover.
  • If you want an exceptional sharpness, then we want to suggest that you don’t keep wet the kukri blade for a long time. It is because wetness can affect the sharpness process.


If you are wondering for the best technique or method to sharpen your kukri or any other blade, then this post is only for you. Here in this post, we have listed some tremendous and properly working methods that will help you a lot to sharpen a kukri.

Also, at the end of this post, we have provided some safety tips for every user who wants to sharpen a kukri. Read this whole post if you are a person who loves to sharpen blades or machetes with their own hands or manually. you love to check about best machete 2020

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