How To Make a Machete Sheath: The Ultimate Guide

A sheath is an essential accessory that every machete-owner should keep. It is not only to provide safety to the machete from rust or any other matter. But it is more about staying safe, the owner from any cutting damages. If you are a person that loves to go for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and hunting, then you should always keep a sheath for your machete. It is a guarantee that you will be able to carry your blade with ease.

So, here we are going to talk about how you can make a perfect machete sheath for yourself. Remember, this is a step by step guide to creating a machete sheath. After reading this whole post, you will be able to make a significant and beautiful looking machete sheath.

First of all, if you have purchased a machete, then make sure to look for a free sheath with that machete as well. It might be a good quality of sheath or lousy quality of sheath. But if you don’t want to use that sheath, then you should make it on your own. Also, there are many ways available to make a sheath. Not only this, but it also depends upon the material as well. The most common content that humans have been using for centuries is leather. But there are some other materials also present that you can choose to make your machete-sheath like PVC, Wood, Kydex, etc.

Process Of Making Leather Machete Sheath

We are using leather material because it is highly durable and a perfect fit for making a sheath for sharp tools/blades. The making process of the leather sheath is not rocket science. If you want to make it at home, then you only need to follow some steps that we are going to tell you.

Design On The Paper:

First of all, before making a machete sheath, you always need to make a proper design on a paper. Remember that it is the most crucial step to do before making a sheath. To create a great design and a perfect design, you need to focus on three main points. These three points are designing the blade first, outlining the sheath on edge, and the last is the space between the blade and sheath.

So, firstly take a paper plus pencil, then after start designing your machete on the paper. But remember that try to draw the blade as it is. It’s because you will be going to make a sheath in measured dimensions. Make sure that you don’t ignore any part of your blade.

Now it is time to design or draw the sheath on the blade design. Always make sure to leave some space in between machete and the sheath. It is necessary to use the original sheath without any problem. It would be best if you leave an area of at least a quarter inch.

Putting The Design On Leather:

Now, if you have completed the design section, then you can forward it to the next step. The next step is to put the design of the sheath on the material that you are using. In our case, we are using leather material. Transforming the design on the leather material is a bit tricky. For this, you should use some pointy objects; these objects will help to keep the drawing stable on the leather. And now, start the transforming process of your design from paper to leather.

When you complete it, then make sure to remove the paper first. After that, you can enhance the shape of the sheath that you have transformed on the leather.

Cutting The Material:

We know that a pencil is suitable for drawing purposes. But when you are drawing on leather, then you must need to ensure that you bring the shape with proper visibility. We are saying this because while cutting the material in a premade design, then the design must be visible for better cutting.

The next step is to cut out the design from the leather material. Here you can use a razor blade for better results. But make sure always to don’t cut your fingers. To keeping your fingers safe, you should always use gloves to cut the leather material. You can also cut extra pieces to make belt loops or additional past that you need.

Putting All Pieces Together:

Now, to put everything together and make a real looking sheath, you need something to attach all pieces. The most common way is to use adhesives. But if you want to make a sheath in traditional style, then you should use leather sewing.

You can also use both adhesives and leather sewing for better performance as well. But there we are going with adhesives because it is a simple way to do this task. To apply the adhesives, you need to put a thin line of it on the corners on all parts of the leather. After that spread, it gently across the edges of the leather pieces. Then after you should leave all the parts together and leave them for up to 15 minutes.

Finishing Touches:

If you have completed all the above-listed steps, then it is time to give some finishing touches. If you want to draw something or want to create a design on your machete sheath, then you can do it now. If you don’t like designs on your machete sheath or you want to keep it simple, then you should leave the designing step after making a sheath.

After putting all pieces together, make to trim extra edges. Here also you can use a razor blade for general trimming. After all the designing and cutting process, you should need to polish your leather machete. The polishing process will be going to enhance the look of your blade.

Final Words:

If you have recently purchased a machete for your daily work and now you are wondering for a sheath, then this post is only for you. Here in this post, we have discussed how you can make a perfect machete at home on your own. We have listed an ultimate step-by-step guide that will help you to make a machete at home.

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