How to Choose Between Machetes for Your Intended Use?

The Machete is a heavy-duty blade that looks solid and having higher functionality. It is considered to be a primary tool used in farming.  Most of the farmers keep the Machetes handy while using it to chop, cut, hack, slash, scoop, scrape, dig, hammer, carve, crush whittle or smash in everyday work. It is considered to be the most useful utility tool which has become part of your toolbox.

There are various reasons that make a Machete a prized possession for the people who spent time in the farms and gardens regularly. In order to clear the grass from the land, chop down the unwanted trees or the branches Machetes are used.  The large-sized Machetes are mainly preferred for self-defense and for protection.  There are varieties of Machetes available in the market today, and while buying a Machete, one should be clear of the purpose of buying.

Types of Machetes

Let us find out which Machete is most suitable for what type of work? You have to understand the design, style and purpose of every type of Machete available. Once you know more about the Machetes and their usages, then it is easy for you to make use of the most suitable Machete.

  • Double-Edged Machete

The wide and long Machete with two large cutting edges makes it look commanding. While using the double-edged Machete, you should understand the purpose behind the two edges of the Machete. One edge can be polished and sharpened and used for cutting or chopping heavy objects. The other edge of the Machete should be kept dull and used for limited usages such as chopping the bamboos and grass. The advantage of the double-edged Machete is to cut an object from any side by twisting the wrist. The wide and long blade remains sharp, shiny, and effective.

  • Bolo Machete

The Machete, which is highly popular among Asian countries, is called Bolo Machete. The Machete is specially designed to have a widened point that makes the Machete heavy and bigger in size. It is mainly used for all types of outdoor activities such as cutting, chopping, hiking & many others. The Machete is useful while hunting and camping. The Machete needs to be handled carefully as it gets heavier due to the special design.

  • Heavy Machete

The Machete is heavier and wider in size when compared with many other Machetes. The heavy-duty Machete is mainly used for large-scale cutting, chopping, and wiping operations. The Machete is useful while chopping heavy woods lands, larger forest areas, and participating in outdoor activities. The Machete is long, durable and remains stronger even after using it in everyday activities.

  • Kukri Machete

It is one of the practical and highly effective Machetes that most of the people prefer to have at home. The Kukri Machete is made of cold steel and often called as Gurkha kukri Machete.  The Machete is stylish to look at and highly expensive.  The main feature of the Machete is to maintain the balance at the center and keep the Machete in the hands with a tight grip. The angled edge of the blade, along with deep bite at the top makes the Machete exceptional while using it for heavy tasks.

  • Panga Machete

Panga Machete is mainly famous in African countries. The Machetes are available in different designs and styles.  The Machete is heavier in weight and longer in length. It is used for a massive type of outdoor works, such as chopping the unwanted trees from the forest. Machete is useful in carrying major and minor farm work.

  • Sawback Machete

The Machete is most ideal for outdoor activities, which include farming, gardening and chopping the heavy wooden logs. These Machetes are mainly used in the army. These Machetes are issued by government agencies while offering to the people according to farming requirements.

  • Two-Handed Machete

The two-handed Machete is the best and most effectual tool used in farm and also in the forest area. The Machete has a wide and long sized blade that can be useful in handling outdoor actions such as removing unwanted trees in large numbers. The Machete is designed to handle with both hands at a time. The widespread tree-branches and thick forest areas are handled clearly using Sawback Machete.

  • Cold steel Machete

The Machetes made of cold steel are available in a variety of styles and designs. The rust-free Machetes with sharpened edges are used for minor work such as cutting the plants and trees. Also, cold steel Machetes are used for a major type of work that includes chopping of huge trees and smashing through the wilderness situation to clear the path. The cold steel Machetes are the most advanced Machetes having a stylish look, polypropylene handles for secured grips and is time-tested.

  • Tramontina Machete

The Machete is particularly reasonable in price and used for the most common purposes in and around the place. The Machete is made of carbon steel with an appropriate wooded or rubber handle, which is easy to hold while cutting or chopping wood or meat.

  • Machetes with sheath

Some of the Machetes are available with sheath. The sheath covers the entire Machete well from all sides. It doesn’t allow any damages to the Machete.  The sheath is not available with many Machetes but it can be bought separately. The long durable and easily adjustable sheaths are available depending on the size and width of the Machete. Most of the sheaths are made of nylon and keep the Machetes well protected.

Final Verdict

In order to avoid trouble while using a Machete in the outdoor activities that fail to complete the job-in-hand.  It is better to choose the best available Machete depending on your requirement and the intentions to use it. You can study the Machetes available in the online market today. Find out more about the usefulness of the Machetes and also about its functionalities which will clear your intentions. You can choose the much better Machete which can help you in fulfilling your needs and intentions.

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