Cold Steel 88BKW Katana Review

Many people love to have swords, and also they can be used for a variety of purposes rather than wars. For hacking, swords are famous weapons. From ancient times, swords have become an essential part of our tradition and today also it has the same popularity. In this article, I will review a sword; named Cold Steel 88BKW Katana. Cold Steel is a popular brand among warriors and people who love to play with knives. The Katana has a creative design and known as a famous Japanese sword from ancient times. Many people love to have this sword in their homes for a variety of sports or just decorate their homes to experience the royal feeling. This Japanese sword is very popular in the market. So, I would suggest you go for it if you are looking to buy a sword.

Cold Steel 88BKW Katana Review


  • Great tool for survival
  • Best cold steel machete
  • Very good reachability
  • Does trimming tall grass superbly
  • Awesome tactical machete
  • Low price
  • A unique sword like look
  • Aesthetic qualities
  • Impervious to any element
  • Polypropylene handle gives good grip
  • The cold steel Tanto point helps in tactical ways
  • Super-duper clearing tool


  • Momentum is somewhat less
  • The sheath isn’t top class
  • Because of the length, handling may be tricky

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This sword has a unique look and superb finish to attract anyone who fond of swords. The sword has great sharpness and can cut anything with ease. As per history, katana was the primary sword used by Samurai. Today also this sword is a popular weapon among warrior communities for hand to hand fighting. Swordsmen are fond of this sword and use it in their practices. With a length of 29.25 inches, this katana is a great weapon to use for any purpose. This sword is made of 1055 carbon steel and offers a unique strength in any application. It is a durable product and ideal for anyone looking for a sword.

Cold Steel 88BKW Katana review

Who should use this product?

Cold steel Katana is very popular among sword users. Those who are looking for a high-quality sword for the battlefield at an affordable price; this sword is a great option for them. If you are looking for a katana for your practice, then you should go for this product. Traditionalists can find this sword as an outstanding option for their purpose. This Japanese sword is ideal for hacking so that hackers can use this product effectively. This sword has a handsome look and made by the heat treatment process. For exercises like Katas and Iaido, this katana is the perfect weapon. This product can be used for many purposes, so you should decide your purpose before buying it.

This machete is made to meet the same warrior standard swords and fulfill the needs of users. Carbon steel is used in the construction of this sword. With the heat treatment process, this sword is sharpened, just like the emperor swords. If you are looking for a strong, moderate priced and handsome Japanese sword, then this product is ideal for you. It comes with a cord-wrapped handle and blue/violet cover bag. For an impressive feel, this Japanese weapon is a great product. Also, a black lacquered wood scabbard comes with this sword.

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Cold Steel 88BKW Katana Features:

  • Carbon steel blade:

Carbon steel is a strong material used in many applications. The blade of this cold steel katana is made of 1055 carbon steel to offer the utmost durability. The blade has a length of 29.25 inches and a thickness of 0.3125 inches. The blade is shaped perfectly and looks awesome. The steel used in this blade is the same steel that is found in the emperor standard swards. So, if you buy this sward, then you can get assured that you are using a top-quality katana. The sharpness of this blade can last for a long time, so you no need to sharpen it frequently. The blade is also capable of slicing through the copper pipes and plastic bottles effortlessly. Though it is not a razor-sharp blade, it can cut anything easily. When you have this sword, you can experience maximum strength in every work.

  • Black cord handle:

The handle of this Katana is another thing to consider while buying this product. The katana has an 11.25 inches ray skin handle with brass Menuki. This handle is comfortable to hold and easy to do any work. The handle offers an outstanding grip for moving this sword easily. The handle has a traditional look and offers amazing performance in any application. With this handle, it is easy to use this katana for any purpose.

  • Black lacquered wood scabbard:

Scabbard is important to keep the sword safe in any condition. The best thing about this product is it comes with a black lacquered wood scabbard, which ensures the katana is always ready for any kind of job without any issue. As the scabbard is made of wood, it keeps the sword perfectly and allows the user to carry it easily to any place. The end of the scabbard, which is Kojiri is iron made for safety. I liked this cover, and it enables me to carry the sword safely to any location.

  • Arrow themed guard:

This guard is made of iron and looks great because of its arrow themed texture. The guard offers great usability and allows you to use the sword without the fear of injury. Because of iron construction, the guard may rust. But, you can clean that easily. Its design is very attractive, and I like it very much.

Tips for using:

After buying this product, it is important to use it successfully. To help you in using this product, I am listing some tips here.

  • This sword weighs 41.4 ounces, so you should ensure that you can handle it properly before holding it. To prevent injuries, you should do it.
  • The blade has awesome sharpness to cut anything easily. So, you should ensure to keep it in the scabbard after using it.


The cold steel katana is a famous Japanese weapon among warriors and swordsmen. It has a unique design and easy to handle for doing any work. The sword is made of carbon steel, i.e. the same steel used in the emperor standard swords. With an outstanding blade, handle and scabbard, this sword is an amazing product for anyone looking for a high-quality sword at an affordable price. After reading this review, if you are thinking of using this product, then you can go for it with no worries.

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