Best Machete 2021 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Machete 2021  : One of the badass tools that you can have at your house is Machetes. They are highly versatile, and they can help you with completing a lot of tasks. They often have a bad reputation because of the way they have been portrayed in horror movies. They are a great survival tool, and they are great when you are camping. Machetes can also help you a great deal in clearing the backyard. There are different types of Machetes available, so you need to ensure that you buy different the right type of machetes. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider while buying a machete, and we have also listed those for you in one of the sections.

We also understand that buying a machete can be a difficult decision even after knowing the factors that will impact your choice. In such a case, we decided to help you by listing the top 10 models available in the market. You can go through the list, and you can go through the list of products that are the best in the market. We would still recommend you first to check out the factors that can impact your choice before you actually go ahead and look at the list of best products. So let us not waste any more time and let us check out some of the best machetes in the market.

Top 5 Best Machete 2021


1st Place

Condor Tool & Knife, Discord Machete
By Condor Tool & Knife


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Best Value

Kershaw Camp 18 (1074) Camp Series Machete
By Kershaw


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Estwing Machete – 19.25″ Saw-Back Blade
By Estwing


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CRKT Chanceinhell Fixed Blade Machete
By Columbia River Knife & Tool


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Gerber Broad Cut Machete with Sheath
By Gerber Gear


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Best Machete Reviews 2021

In this section, you will find the top 10 best machetes available in the market in 2021. You can check out the list and if you would like to check out more details about the product, then you can visit the Amazon link associated with the listing. You must check out these reviews along with the advantages and disadvantages associated with these products before you order one for yourself.

#1. Condor Tool & Knife, Discord Machete

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The first machete in our list is from Condor Tools & Knife. The brand is known for making amazing tools and this is one such example of engineering from Condor. The blade is made with the highest quality standards, and the same is true for the handle as well. The machete is made to perform and you will never face complaint about the durability. It is a mid-size machete since it features an 18-inch blade. The high carbon stainless steel ensures that the blade gets the required strength as well. The powder coating on the machete not only makes it a premium look but it prevents it from the natural elements. The handle is durable and the black leather sheath is an add-on when you but this machete. Overall, this machete is quite amazing, and you can choose this without any concerns.


  • This machete features an 18 inch blade and it is made in El Salvador.
  • The material used is 3mm 1075 high carbon stainless steel.
  • The blade has a nice black finish which is because of the powder coating.
  • The handle is made of Micarta.
  • Comes with a black leather sheath


  • Nothing that we could notice.

#2. Kershaw Camp 18 (1074) Camp Series Machete

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Moving on to number 2, we have a machete from Kershaw. This is yet another high-quality machete in our list and the good part about this product is that it is available in multiple sizes. It is amazing in terms of durability and sharpness. You can even survive a zombie apocalypse if you have this machete. You can opt for the 18 inch model for this machete and we are sure that you will be very happy with that purchase.  The handle is quite amazing as well and it has a good grip. Lastly, you also get a molded sheath with nylon strips with this machete from Kershaw.


  • This machete is available in 3 sizes, which varies from 1077 to an 18 inch machete.
  • The machete also features a full tang which gives you better control over machete.
  • The handle is made of solid polymer and it has a textured rubber overmold that also absorbs the impact.
  • It can be used for various features like train maintenance, small tree removal, and other such application.
  • The blade is powder coated and this makes the blade smooth.


  • Some people complained about the quality of the coating.

#3. Estwing Machete – 19.25″ Saw-Back Blade

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We also have an American machete in our list which is from Estwing. This machete is designed with Forged Steel and it provides you with a sharpness that is going to last a lifetime. The saw teeth help you in sawing through the small trees while retaining the sharp edge. The grip of this machete is designed in a way that it reduces the shock by 70%. This is especially true when you are cutting through hard material. The brand provides a sheath with the machete, and this is designed with ballistic nylon. It not only protects the blade, but it protects you as well.


  • The blade is made of forged steel, which makes a lot of difference in terms of the blade strength.
  • The backside of the blade has saw teeth that can be used to saw through small trees.
  • The handle is made of shock reducing technology, which reduces the shock by 70%.
  • The brand also offers ballistic nylon sheath to protect the blade.
  • An American product that you can be proud of.


  • No size options available in this machete.

#4. CRKT Chanceinhell Fixed Blade Machete

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We also have a machete in our list, which is designed by Ken Onion in Hawaii. This is one of the best machetes that you will find in the market in terms of design. You can choose between the two variations available. Apart from this, the blade has a black powder coating finish to protect the blade from corrosion. The handle is quite an important part of the machete and this machete has a handle with a really good grip. It doesn’t slip and it offers you optimal control as well. The company provides you a lifetime warranty and to add on to this; this machete is also available at a very affordable price. Do not miss out on the offer and buy this machete before the stock runs out.


  • This machete from CRKT is available in two designs, which include Onion Chanceinhell Machete & Onion Halfachance Parang Machete.
  • This comes with a reinforced nylon sheath.
  • The brand offers a lifetime warranty that covers any defect on material or workmanship.
  • The blade has a black powder coating which makes it resistant to corrosion.
  • The handle grip has a football texture to offer a nice grip.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

#5. Gerber Broad Cut Machete with Sheath

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At number 5, we have a machete from Gerber and the design of this blade is quite innovative. This blade comes with a hook and cut notch that gives you higher maneuverability. The blade has a hook and a cut notch to deal with vines or branches while you are removing them. The design has been modified to match up with the needs of someone who often deal with dense bushes. The handle is made of textured rubber and the handle also has an oversized finger choil to offer a better grip. One of the best features that we found here is the availability of the safety lanyard which gives you a lot of confidence while using the machete.


  • This machete is available at an affordable price.
  • The handle is heavy duty and it also comes with a lanyard to secure the machete in your hand.
  • Has a hook at the backside, which gives you the freedom to manipulate the vines or branches.
  • It comes with a nylon sheath, which feels very premium.
  • The machete is designed to deal with bushes and long hours of work.


  • No options are available in blade style or blade size.

#6. Fiskars 29 Inch Machete Axe

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If you are looking for a modern design that offers you power on demand then have a look at this machete from Fiskars. This machete has a broad head and it is perfect for chopping roots and other vegetation from your garden. It offers controlled splitting and chopping. The blade has curves that come handy while you are using it in the garden. The quality is top-notch and you get a lifetime warranty with the machete. The nylon sheath offered with this machete is also quite premium and it protects the blade as well. Initially, you might find the design to be a little strange but if you use it, you will absolutely love it.


  • Available in Pack size of 2, 3 and even 4 machetes.
  • The brand offers a lifetime warranty on these machetes.
  • It has an 18 inch blade which is great for chopping roots, thick bushes, branches and almost anything in your yard.
  • Has an axe type head which adds weight and adds power in every hit.
  • The brand offers a nylon carrying sheath with this machete.


  • Slightly expensive and not available in a pack of 1.

#7. Gerber Gator Machete

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This is the second product from Gerber in our list and this is also one of the best productson the list. It has a long blade of 15 inches which is sometimes really required for efficient clearing of the bushes. This can be your best companion in your backyard or the wilds. The nylon case protects the edge of the blade and the black powder coating protects the rest of the blade from corrosion. The material used here is high carbon stainless steel. Moreover, the handle is made of gator grip overmold which offers enough grip. The sheath of this machete also has a belt loop. Apart from this, there is a lanyard hole. The serrated saw teeth on the back of the blade are what make a lot of difference.


  • Made of high carbon steel and it is very durable.
  • It has a long blade of 15 inches with a total weight of machete is 18 oz. The total length of the machete is 25.7 inches.
  • The grip has a rubberized handle to absorb the vibrations.
  • It comes with a nylon sheath.
  • One of the most affordable productson our list.


  • Some people didn’t like the quality of the metal.

#8. Gerber Compact Clearpath Machete

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At number 8 we have yet another Machete from Gerber and this one is a stainless steel blade. Until now we have talked about the black colored blades but this is for the people who love shiny blades. It also has a crosscut saw-tooth technology and that makes a lot of difference as well. The sheath provided by this brand is very compact and it also has a packable sheath. The handle is advanced as it features a gator grip handle for improved comfort for the user. This machete also comes with a lanyard which gives you the confidence required while chopping the vegetation. The brand offers a lifetime warranty on this machete and it comes with a full tang as well. The length of the blade of this machete is 11 inches and it has a total length of 17.3 inches.


  • The blade has a crosscut saw-tooth technology on the backside while the front side has a very sharp edge.
  • The gator grip offers the right amount of comfort to the user.
  • The lanyard provided with the machete, which makes it easy to use.
  • Sheath offered is of good quality.
  • It comes at an affordable price.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

#9. Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete

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This is the fourth and the last product from Gerber on our list. This machete has an angled blade that can be useful for clearing the branches, small trees, and bushes.  The blade is the high carbon steel which comes with a lot of strength. It is also corrosion resistance. You can sharpen the machete very easily and thismachete also has a full tang construction. This also enhances the durability of the machete. The grip has an ergonomic texture and it is made of rubber. There is no chance of slippage while you are using the machete because of this rubberized grip. The blade has a lanyard guard and the nylon sheath. The length of the machete is 19.5 inches and the blade is 13.5 inches. Gerber also provides a survival guide when you buy this machete.


  • It is a full tang machete with an angled blade.
  • The brand offers land to air survival guide along with every purchase.
  • The brand offers a lifetime warranty on all its products.
  • The blade is heavy and sharp which makes it very easy to move through a dense jungle.
  • It is available at an affordable price.


  • Some people do not like the quality of the blade.

#10. KA-BAR 2-1249-9 Kukri

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Kukri is one of the most reliable hand weapons of some of the armies in the world. Gurkha Regiment in India uses it and they are as proficient as American Seals. The good thing is that you can buy a Kukri as your machete. This is made in Taiwan and it is made with a carbon steel blade. You can use it to chop anything. The handle is made of elastomer and the sheath is made of a combination of leather and Cordura. The total length of the blade is 11.5 inches and it is 1.7 pounds in the weight. Lastly, it offers the right value for money proposition.


  • This machete has a Kukri design, which is known to be one of the most killer designs.
  • The blade is fully black and it is also very sharp.
  • The handle has a lanyard hole and the sheath offered by this machete is made of leather.
  • Features a hollow grind which is also very durable.
  • The quality of the blade is amazing and it is built to last.


  • Since it is for backyard use, the edge is not very sharp.

Buying Guide for Best Machete 2021

As mentioned earlier, we know that buying machete can be a tough decision. The problem is the choice that is available in the market. Because of this, a lot of people end up buying the wrong machete for themselves. In this section, you will find all the factors that can impact your buying decision. Check them out now and make the buying decision accordingly.

  • Type of Steel

You can start shortlisting the machete by considering the blade composition. There are three types of blades that you will find in the market. The stainless steel, carbon steel, and high carbon stainless steel. The best one among these is the high carbon stainless steel. You can also find Damascus steel, which is the most attractive of all.

  • Style of Machete

Style ofthe machete is an important thing. This is defined by the characteristics of the blade. There are many different types of machete available and you need to see which style it is. There are some very attractive machetes available. This is highly dependent on the shape of the blade so pay attention to the details. This is very subjective and we do not have any recommendations here. You can buy what you like. A lot of people also prefer the traditional ones.

  • Length of Blade

Another important factor to consider is the length of the blade. You can choose something as small as 11 inches and you can opt for something as big as 28 inches. This depends on the kind of work you would like to do with your machete. A lot of people prefer bigger ones while a lot of people also prefer smaller machete.

  • Tang Type

Blade is an important part of a machete but the tang is equally important. This helps in balancing the machete and it is a small yet dense extension of the blade which is connected to the grip. You must opt for a machete that comes with a full tang as this will also offer great stability and control to you while using the machete.

  • Handle Material

2 things really make the machete attractive. The first thing is the blade and the second thing is the handle. Check the material used in making the handle. You will find all sort of variations from plastic to carbon fiber. The leather handles also look very attractive. Again, this is a personal choice but apart from checking the handle material, check the grip and other details as well.

  • Balance

While buying the machete, check how the balance of the machete is. The center of gravity should not be inclined towards one of the ends. Having a balanced center of gravity will help you in moving the machete easily and having better control over it. Certainly, something that must be considered.

  • Carrying Case/Sheath

There are some machetes which come with a reliable carrying case. You must look for a carrying case designed with leather. That is the best material but there can be different materials available here as well. You can check if it is available or not and if not, then you might want to invest in a good carrying case for yourmachete. This will also prevent any kind of rusting of the machete.

  • Warranty

Some of the brands that have a lot of faith in their blades would end up providing you with a lifetime warranty. You can look for such a machete but that is going to be expensive. You might also find products that are available without warranty but do not worry about this so much.

  • Cost

The last factor is the cost of the machete. You will be getting what you pay for so it depends on the kind of quality that you would like to purchase for yourself. Depending on that, the cost will vary. If you are looking for the best then you can invest in an expensive machete. This will make a lot of difference in the quality, material, and sharpness of the machete that you are purchasing for yourself

Final Verdict

This was all about the best machete in 2021. We hope that you find this information useful and we hope that you are able to choose the product as per your requirements. For any other information, please visit the Amazon link associated with the machete.You can choose as per the designs and you can also buy multiple products. If you are not happy with all the models that you have seen then you can also go ahead and order a custom made machete for yourself. The fabrication will be an expensive process but it is going to be a worthy purchase.

We like something made of Damascus steel because that makes the machete attractive as well. You will be able to keep that in your house as a decorative item as well but make sure that you don’t scare off your visitors. With this, we would like to conclude the page and stay tuned for more such reviews and buying guides for modern-day products.

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