Best Electric Knife Sharpeners 2020 : Reviews and Buying Guide

There is no knife, whose sharpness will be retained for its whole lifetime. Irrespective of the brands you go for, the knives will blunt after several usages. Apart from the kitchen knives, other knives also have the same issue. But, it is also important to keep your knives sharp to ensure the best performance. That’s where a knife sharpener comes into mind. Yes, by including a knife sharpener in your home, you can maintain the sharpness of your knives to complete any kind of job easily.

Before, knife sharpeners are the only tools for professional chefs at restaurants, hotels, etc. But, now things have changed, and it is not just used by professional chefs. It is now an essential item in homes and ideal for several kinds of knives. Also, before manual knife sharpeners are there and people were putting all their efforts to hold the knife correctly for sharpening. But, now electric knife sharpeners are produced by several brands to ease the knife sharpening process. So, if you have not purchased a knife sharpener for your home till now, then it is the time to buy an electric knife sharpener and experience great cutting sessions with your knives without dullness.

Best electric knife sharpeners 2020


1st Place

Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV Edge Select electric knife Sharpener:
By Chef’sChoice


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Chef’s Choice 250 diamond hone hybrid knife sharpener:
By Chef’sChoice


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Shenzhen Knives electric diamond knife sharpener:
By Shenzhen Knives


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Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener
By Work Sharp


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Presto 08810 professional electric knife sharpener:
By Presto


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Best electric knife sharpener Reviews 2020

As there are many types of electric knife sharpeners in the market, we included the best electric knife sharpeners in this article to eliminate your confusion. Also, a buying guide is included to help you in choosing the right electric knife sharpener for you.

#1. Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV Edge Select electric knife Sharpener:

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Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV is a brilliant product to sharpen the knives efficiently. It can sharpen the knives up to 15 degrees angle for maximum performance. This is the perfect product to convert your conventional 20 degrees angled knives into thinner knives. As a thinner knife can cut the things easily with less effort, you can use this electric knife sharpener to make your knives thinner at home. Also, the thinner edge made with this knife sharpener will last for a long time, as this product is equipped with a unique triple-bevel Trizor XV edge technology. With this electric knife sharpener, you can increase the life of your knives by re-sharpening their edges.

As the best quality knives also can become dull after several usages, including this product in your home is a must. Its unique sharpening system presents diamond abrasives for high precision. It can convert 20 degrees angled knives into 15 degrees quickly in three stages. In the first stage, the diamond abrasives create some excellent micro-grooves of 15 degrees. Then the micro-grooves become finer and their size increases in the second stage. In the third stage, the micro-grooves are polished and become micro-flutes to improve the cutting performance of the knife. After this stage, the knife becomes ready to offer unmatched performance. It comes with a flexible spring guide for adjusting the accurate sharpening angle automatically. For the first time, you need to sharpen your knife for at least 1 minute and then you can re-sharpen your knife in just 10 seconds.


  • This electric knife sharpener includes 15-Trizor XV technology for flawless performance.
  • It can make the knife-edge thinner up to 15 degrees.
  • The knives sharpened with this sharpener can last for a long time.


  • NA

#2. Chef’s Choice 250 diamond hone hybrid knife sharpener:

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This knife sharpener comes with a hybrid technology, which includes both electric and manual sharpening technologies. Its razor-sharp edge is ideal for sharpening 20-degree knives. Because of 100% diamond abrasives in this sharpener, it can quickly create an arch-shaped edge with super sharp feature. It uses a 3-stage sharpening procedure to sharpen the knives easily. This knife sharpener can be used for sharpening straight-edge knives, serrated knives, pocket knives, kitchen knives, etc. Its stage 1 and 2 use the electric sharpening process and stage 3 uses manual sharpening process. All the three stages are featured with 100% diamond abrasives for quality results.

Stage 3 is included with ultra-fine diamond abrasives for a superior sharp and shiny edge. In its three stages, it creates a triple-bevel edge which allows you to cut anything using the knife easily. If you are looking for an extraordinary knife sharpener for your kitchen, then you can use a Chef’s Choice model 250 hybrid knife sharpener. For a super-fine edge of your knife, you can use this product. This hybrid knife sharpener is made in the USA and ideal for any kitchen for converting 20 degrees angled knives to 15 degrees. With its hybrid technology, you can sharpen your knives easily in simple steps. After its 3-stage sharpening process, the knives become thinner to cut anything. Also, it is compatible with a wide range of knives for sharpening.


  • This product is ideal for providing razor-sharp edges.
  • It can be used manually and electrically.
  • It includes 100% diamond abrasives in all consecutive stages.


  • NA

#3. Shenzhen Knives electric diamond knife sharpener:

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Shenzhen electric knife sharpener comes with a diamond wheel for sharpening the knives with high precision. It has a compact design and ideal for ceramic and stainless steel knives. It includes a diamond grinding stone and universal knife guide slots to make the sharpening process easier. This electric knife sharpener plugs into the wall socket for your convenience. To sharpen your knives accurately, you can use this amazing product. This electric knife sharpener can sharpen multiple knives. If your kitchen knife gets dull by cutting fruits, vegetables, bread, meat, etc., then you can use this electric diamond knife sharpener to make it sharper again. With this knife sharpener, you can use your damaged knives instead of throwing them.

This product will not only improve the look of your kitchen but also help you in using your knives efficiently. This product has a sturdy design to provide high strength for your application. It can sharpen the knives uniformly from tip to handle because of its diamond wheel sharpening technology. With its electric-powered wheel, up to 1 mm of chips can be removed from your ceramic knife easily. The Shenzhen electric knife sharpener contains two settings to sharpen stainless steel and ceramic knives, respectively. Those settings are Fine and Coarse. For cleaning purposes, you can remove and replace the cover and diamond wheel cartridge easily. Generally, the diamond wheel can be used for up to one year. However, its life depends upon your usages and the type of knife.


  • It includes a universal knife guide slot for sharpening V-edge ceramic and stainless steel blades.
  • It includes two settings for operation.
  • It takes power directly from the wall socket, instead of a battery.


  • NA

#4. Work Sharp electric knife sharpener:

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If you are looking for a unique knife sharpener for sharpening all the knives in your home, then you can use this electric knife sharpener. It is specially designed with flexible abrasive belts to sharpen both straight and curved belts effortlessly. Also, this sharpener can be used for sharpening tanto blades, filet knives, serrated knives, gut hooks, and any many more. This electric sharpener contains precision angle sharpening technology to provide the perfect angle for any kind of blade. The Work Sharp electric knife sharpener includes two guides for sharpening the blades effortlessly. For hunting and outdoor knives, a 50 degrees guide is available, while for thinner blades and kitchen blades, a 40 degrees guide is available.

To experience professional-level results at home, you can use this electric knife sharpener. This knife sharpener uses flexible blades to provide razor-sharp edges on your blades whenever you use this product. The technology used in this sharpening machine is different from other machines in the market. So, even if you have used electric knife sharpeners before, using this machine will be a completely new experience for you. Because of the latest technology, it can sharpen the blades quickly. This product also can be used for sharpening scissors using the scissor guide. The scissor guide is designed with an angle of 65 degrees for sharpening household scissors effortlessly.


  • The electric knife sharpener is designed with flexible belts to offer professional-level results at home.
  • It is equipped with advanced technology.
  • It is ideal for getting quick results.


  • NA

#5. Presto 08810 professional electric knife sharpener:

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For sharpening the kitchen and sporting knives in your home easily, you can use this electric knife sharpener. You can use this product for sharpening Santoku knives also. The knife sharpener comes with an angle-adjustable feature to offer the perfect angles for specific knives. While using this electric knife sharpener, you should choose the thick option for hunting knives, medium for chef’s knives and standard kitchen knives and thin for light blades such as filet and paring edge. Using this product is very simple. You just need to draw the knife through each slot for several times and your knife will be ready for use. This knife sharpener uses three stages for sharpening. So, for premium grade results, you can use this product.

If you use this product in your kitchen, you can effectively sharpen your knives to cut vegetables, fruits and any other kitchen items. This sharpening machine can operate on 120 volts and 60 Hz. In the sharpening process of stage 1, the knife goes through a Sapphirite coarse-grinding wheel for creating the perfect angle. In stage 2, the blade goes through the same Sapphirite grinding wheel to provide a precision edge to the knife. Then the process finishes by polishing the blade with an extra-fine grit ceramic wheel in stage three. After the third stage, the knife gets a razor-sharp edge.


  • The sharpening machine can offer professional-level results at home.
  • It is ideal for sharpening kitchen and sport knives easily.
  • It can sharpen the blades automatically using the blade guide.


  • Some people find it difficult to understand the adjustable guides.

#6. LINKYO electric knife sharpener:

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This is a 2-stage knife sharpener to sharpen your kitchen knives easily. Using this product is very simple so that anyone can use it. This knife sharpener comes with a non-slip suction cup to offer proper stability during the operation. With this machine, you no need to worry about the dullness of your knives in the kitchen. When you have the LINKYO electric knife sharpener in your home, you can effortlessly sharpen your kitchen knives. To sharpen your knife in this machine, you just need to move the knife through it, applying less pressure. It comes with an automatic blade positioning system to guide the knife at the proper angle to ensure that the knife gets sharpened correctly.

This machine also includes an inbuilt stop feature to stop the damage of the knife during the sharpening operation. So, if you apply so much pressure on it, the machine will stop automatically to prevent the damage of your knife. To ensure a razor-sharp edge on your knife, its two stages are sufficient. In stage 1, the angles of the knife get reshaped and the edge gets sharpened. In stage 2, it shines the edge making it suitable for use. The LINKYO electric knife sharpener can be cleaned easily using a wet cloth. You can wipe this machine after each use with a wet cloth to keep the machine clean.


  • It comes with a 3.5 feet power cord with polarized plug.
  • It can sharpen the knife effortlessly in some simple steps.
  • It offers superb stability during the operation.


  • It is not suitable for curved blades.

#7. Priority Chef electric knife sharpener:

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This is a diamond-coated knife sharpener for both straight and curved blades. It can be used by anyone to sharpen the kitchen knives easily. When you have this knife sharpener in your home, there will be no damaged knives in your home. Whether you are a professional or hobbyist, this product is going to ease your work. If your knife gets dull after using it several times, then you can use this product to prevent that. So, now you can use your expensive knives for a long time without throwing them. Priority Chef electric knife sharpener is one of the most effective knife sharpeners in the market today, and many people use it. By using this product, you can sharpen every knife in your home. Also, the sharpness it provides to the knives can last for a long time.

It does the sharpening work in two steps. In the first step, it shapes the angle of the blades through the diamond-coated wheel. In this step, you just need to move your knife through it at least 10 times. Then the knife gets polished from the tip to handle by the ceramic honing wheel, producing a smooth, clean edge in the second step. Here also you need to move the knife for 10 times.


  • This electric knife sharpener is ideal for both plane and saw-toothed blades.
  • The Priority Chef electric knife sharpener has a superb design.
  • This knife sharpener comes with safety features.


  • NA

#8. Presto 8800 08800 ever sharp electric knife sharpener:

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This is a great product to get razor-sharp blades on your knife at home easily. It can sharpen all the kitchen knives, whether it is a professional knife or an inexpensive one. It includes a blade guide that holds the knife at the perfect sharpening angle to sharpen each side of the blade properly. This electric sharpener is suitable for alloy, carbon, and stainless steel knives. For non-serrated knives, this knife sharpener is the perfect product. Just like the professional knife sharpeners, this knife sharpening machine also uses a Sapphirite wheel to sharpen the blades effectively. This electric knife sharpener comes with three suction cups to hold it firmly at the place for the perfect stability. It is a premium grade product to provide precision sharpening results at home.

Presto ever sharp electric knife sharpener is made of the ultra-hard material, so it is ideal to use in professional knife sharpening shops. It grinds the edges of the knife at a perfect angle and provides a smooth edge on your knife. This is an automatic sharpening machine that automatically guides the knife for sharpening. This automatic guide keeps the knife at the right angle whenever you use this product for sharpening your kitchen knife. This product sharpens the knife in two stages. In the first stage, it creates a precisely angled edge, and in the second stage, it polishes the blade properly to provide a razor-sharp edge. After the second stage, the knife gets a thinner edge for cutting anything easily.


  • The Presto electric knife sharpener can sharpen the knife in just two steps.
  • For kitchen and sporting knives, this sharpener is a great product.
  • This electric knife sharpener can provide professional results at home.


  • NA

Best electric knife sharpeners 2020 : Buying Guide:

By having an electric knife sharpener in your home, you can sharpen your knives instantly when you think the edge of the knife became dull. So, you should select a high-quality electric knife sharpener for the best results. Here are some factors that you need to consider while buying an electric knife sharpener.

  • Consider the type of knife you have:

All the electric knife sharpeners are not suitable for sharpening all types of knives. For example, if you have a serrated edge knife, then you need to buy a different knife sharpener instead of buying a regular one. Similarly, you need to consider other types of knives, such as fillet knives, sports knives, hunting knives, gourmet knives, etc. If you need to sharpen all types of knives, then you should ensure to buy a knife sharpener that can handle all types of knives.

  • Performance:

The knife sharpener should provide the best performance if it is the best one in the market. You should consider its features, motor and other important parameters while selecting a knife sharpener for your home. Also, you can read reviews of that product that you are going to buy to ensure its performance. This is an important point to consider, as this is what you need from your knife sharpener during the operation.

  • Safety features:

Knife sharpeners may hurt your hand if not handled properly. While using an electric knife sharpener, the safety features are must-have things in your knife sharpener. So, you need to select an electric knife sharpener with an automatic guide or slot, which will guide your knife into the machine without hurting your hand. So, you need to consider the safety features in your knife sharpener while buying.

  • Durable handle and base material:

Generally, the handles and base of the knife sharpeners are made of plastic. So, you need to select the knife sharpener made of high-quality plastic for high durability. If you select a knife sharpener made of cheap plastic, it may not last for a long time and may break after some usages. Also, this type of material has no resistance to scratch. So, the knife sharpeners made of plastic fibre can be the best selection for your home to ensure durability. Also, this material can offer outstanding support during your operation.

  • Consider the grinding edge material:

In general, the grinding edges are made of three types of materials; diamond rod, ceramic and tungsten steel.

Diamond rod is mostly used as a grinding material. It has a grit rating of over 1000 to provide the best performance for grinding. The knives sharpened with this material will have a smooth finish rather than having a sharp finish.

Ceramic is mostly used for sharpening the metal blades. Also, it is an ideal material for honing the sharpened blade.

Tungsten steel is suitable for sharpening the blunt knives and ceramic blades.

So, these are the three types of materials used in the grinding edge of knife sharpeners. You should select the material according to the type of knife you have. Some knife sharpeners also come in combining two or all the three materials.

  • Sharpening angle:

To sharpen your knife, you need to place it in the knife sharpener at a specific angle. You can’t sharpen it by placing it at any angle or by pushing and pulling it through the knife sharpener. So, electric knife sharpeners come with slots with specified angles for sharpening the knives efficiently. Generally, the knife sharpeners require placing the knife at 20 degrees or 15 degrees for sharpening.

  • Consider the space requirements for storage:

Usually, electric knife sharpeners come with large size. So, you should check for a compact designed knife sharpener so that you can store it in a small space.


Nowadays, electric knife sharpeners are the must-have tools for every home. So, you should buy a best electric knife sharpener today if you have no knife sharpener in your home. This article includes the best electric knife sharpener 2020 that are chosen from the top brands from the market. So, you can select your preferred product easily. You can also use the buying guide to ease your choosing process.

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