10 Best Belt Knife Sharpener Reviews and Buying Guide 2023

Don’t you wish that you had a razor-sharp knife to cut clean even a sheet of paper? Well, the good news is that you do not have to go to some ASEAN country to buy those costly knives. You can make your own with knife sharpener tools at home. You probably have observed already that certain knives are sharper than others, whether you buy a cook’s knife or a specialist Japanese knife. Some producers of knives depend on specific tactics and know more about the 10 best knife sharpeners available today in this review. They mainly rely on motorized power strip sharpeners to get those razor-sharp edges.


These gadgets are very quick to move belts. They are faster than any other mechanical counterpart. You can quickly change a dull knife into a sharp one because these fast-moving straps can remove metal layers with an astounding speed. 


In recent years, these technologies have also succeeded in finding their way into residential settings. You can maintain your knife and sharpen them yourself. If you want an automatic sharpener, you have to do more research to select the right one. Also, there are several well-known brands and other obscure makers with excellent items. Here are the 10 best knife sharpeners.

Best Belt Knife Sharpener

Best Belt Knife Sharpener

1. Work Sharp WSKTS-KO-W Ken Onion Edition


This product is an excellent commercial-grade device that will make your work easy. With the total adjustment of the precision sharpening guideline (15° to 30° in 1 degrees increments), it sharps small pockets and cooking knives or any other shapes or types of blades with variable speed and wide, flexible abrasive straps. It also sharpens the scissors of the family and does lightweight tool work. Professional blading producers such as Ken Onion use flexible belts to put a sharp raser onto the blades, so you may now have the same technology in your home or shop.




The new Ken Onion Edition has customizable sharpening guides, as opposed to certain electric sharpeners. You can sharpen your edge up to 30 degrees from a shallow 15° angle (in 1-degree increments). This allows you to place a tiny edge on one knife and then alter the guide for a very long edge onto another knife a few seconds later. With this simplicity, you can sharpen every knife.


Multiple speeds


The solid and versatile new variable speed motor provides for variable function. This variable speed allows you to speed up or reduce for a more objective approach, for faster sharpening. The variable speed is controlled by the trigger; the more you pull, the faster it gets. The equipment has varying speeds, which means a blade can be cut or sharpened. The rate ranges from 1,200 to 2,800 SFM. 

Sharpens All Types of Knives

This sharpener is made available for sharpening practically any knife by combining the strips, adjustable guides, and variable speed motors. Many electric sharpeners are specifically designed to sharpen a type of blade, while the Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition has the capability of sharpening them all. Some of the most demanding cuts to be sharpened are cuts with a curve or a concave border. The variable belt nevertheless allows you to work on your knives very quickly. Even tight knives have tiny tight curves, called sharpening gullets. The hardest concave curve is on an intestinal hook, and it’s no problem with the Ken Onion Edition.


  • Solid and durable building
  • The angle can be modified to sharpen
  • Speeds depend on your requirements
  • No calibration is necessary for running


  • It is not supplied with any replacement belts
  • Instructions are a little hard to understand

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2. Smith’s 50933 – Cheap Belt Knife Sharpener


The Knife & Scissor sharpener is designed for straight edge knives with 20° angle handlers with a preset guide for scissors sharpening. The belt stays straight and does not burn the tip of the blade. 


Sizing and operation 


This electrical belt knife sharpener can handle all types of knives and this household equipment has a small, compact, and lightweight design at only 1.33 pounds.


Sharpening angle

The device is placed at 20 degrees to sharpen knives, which works well for most of the cuts. You can set the knife at variable angles; however, if you wish to have 20 degrees, the machine will help not misalign the blade.

Belts Options

In the package, there are three belts, fine, medium, and coarse, so that every kind of knife can be sharpened, irrespective of its dullness. The belts can be used with various knives as it has a particular type of abrasive material, which does not wear off quickly.


  • Perfect for most knives.
  • Stable with the right corner of the button.
  • It is an indifferent grain with three belts.
  • Easy to move around and lightweight.



  • The spare belt is not provided out of the box as a replacement.
  • The machine tends to overheat on extended operations.

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3. Bucktool BG2600

It satisfies the CSA criteria and is designed for long service life, with an induction engine that provides the necessary power, with a 1/3HP, 3.5 Amp engine, and 3450 RPM and a belt speed of 4470 FPM. This sander can be used to increase power efficiency with a heavy-duty structure. A 2-inch x 42-inch high-quality metal sanding belt that can be used to sand and finish on most metals, wood, plastics, and other materials, is included in this combo 2″ XT42,” 6″ Bench Grinder.




Bucktool’s best electric belt sharpener has been designed for many functions. It is also a sanding bench or a sanding belt, but many clients get it for its superb sharpening skills.


Power and package


The bundle consists of a high-quality metal sanding belt and accurate equipment. It is both horizontal and vertical. Given its enhanced capabilities, several additional features can be counted on. To eliminate rust from metallic components in no time, for example, you have a brush rod. A LED light and an adjustable eye shield are also provided.



  • With a rapid release and tracking system, it is easy to change and adjust belts.
  • Great for many other operations, like sanding and grinding.
  • Easy to assemble and operate.
  • Powerful engine to work consistently.


  • A bit too big or mighty for people who only have to sharpen occasionally.
  • The operation has been reported to be cumbersome.

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4. Work Sharp Commercial Belt Knife Sharpener

Sharpen each knife you own quickly, with easy and consistent results like a pro. Make the sharpest blades you ever had! Abrasive screw belts are easily replaceable. It comes for all your sharpening needs with excellent abrasive straps that are designed for coarse (P70), medium (P220), and fine (6000). During the sharpening, abrasive belts will not burn or damage the pale steel. Proper guidelines for sharpening ensure quick, easy, reproducible, and uniform results. The guide for sharpening the blades is at an angle of 40° – an idle direction for the outdoor knife sharpening in addition to an angle of 50°.


Flexibility of operation


This original knife & tool sharpener is fit to sharpen any knife you possess. The sharpener can be used on multiple blades with different shapes and sizes, both blades, fillet knives. To ensure that you have the appropriate angle, the machine incorporates variable angle sharpening guidelines. Two guidelines are available: a hunting guide (50°) for hunting and knives outdoors (25° per bevel), a thinner blade guide (20° per bevel). Two guides are included- consistent edges required for cutting scissors.


Types of knives


The guide is for ordinary scissors, including shears for kitchens and shops. On the optional 40° Outdoor Knife Guide, a 60° angled scissor guide is offered. Damaged scissors can be replenished at a 65° or 60° angle irrespective of the original edge angle. A range of knives can be accommodated.



  • It can also be used to refine a wide variety of other shop equipment.
  • Including lawnmower blades, garden shoes, shears, shovels, scrapers, and many more. 
  • The hand-holding detail grinder is also suitable.
  • Proper guidelines for sharpening ensure quick, easy, reproducible, and uniform results. The guide for sharpening the blades at an angle of 40° – the guide for the outdoor knife sharpens at an angle of 50°.


  • The machine can break knife tips if not handled gently.
  • The DVD guide is not helpful.


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5. Mini Belt Sander Knife Apex 


A multifunctional sanding belt, tiny portable low noise, easy to install and operate with high-speed steel boil, blade edging with tungsten fine grinding tool, Bodhi root polishing, etc. This is a proper home DIY sharpening tool. It has a significant operational span life built from excellent grade metal, is not easy to rust, wear-proof—dual, non-slip, and dustproof built-in bearing. The base is stable, steady, work efficient, and can be placed on the table.


Belt Size and Adjustments


The size of the belt is 330*10mm and 175*110*140mm. Attachments include a 10pcs belt and 5pcs clamp. Also fitted with 7-speed adjustments, the tiny belt sander can be very convenient to change the required speed. The eccentric wheel is designed to alter the belt’s verticality. The wheel includes a spring structure that adjusts the tightness automatically. The table also comes with variable adjustments.




Double-slip built-in bearings prevent dust from entering the machine and damaging the bearing. The foundation is durable and robust and can be put to work on the table.

It has a particular design for reducing noise to a level of 75-85 dB, protecting operators’ and others’ ears. The sander is a high-precision CNC belt sander. It’s not easy to rust, low wear and tear with good grade metal, and has an extended lifespan. Suitable for metals, wood, acrylic, and other materials grinding.



  • Seven-speed provided with the machine makes. 
  • Easy to adjust and operate according to the requirement.
  • Whole user-friendly operation with adequate automation.


  • The lack of a polishing belt out of the box makes it less versatile.
  • The setup is a bit difficult to understand.


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6. Shop Fox W1843 Knife Belt Sander/Buffer

The W1843 is enormous compared with the Work Sharps. It is 39 inches vertically mounted and substantially sharps. Its one-phase, 100 Volt 1-HP motor is 14 amps and may be operated overtime at a speed of 3600 FPM, turning the belt 2″ wide. The Grizzly can black a flat knife with this kind of strength in minutes.


Knife Sharpener


The Grizzly is more of a grinder to sharpen the knives than a sharpener to belt knives. It is made to turn it into a worktable and contains a sanding drum that supports many functions. Its size may nonetheless be an advantage as it makes honing easier. The Grizzly is an easy-to-machine if you are a do-it-yourselfer.


Sharpening angle


The device is placed at 20 degrees to sharpen knives, which works there for most of the cuts. 



  • Although we name this a “Knife Belt Sander,” it does a lot more than sharpening.  
  • Auxiliary flapping wheels, drums, or paddlewheels are acceptable. 
  • With a fast-release mechanism, the belt may be changed in seconds.
  •  The bracelet may be tilted completely. 
  • This is, without a doubt, the best sander in the knife belt!


  • It is faster and has a high-speed rotation of 1750 RPM.
  • It can shread through belts. Thus it is necessary to apply low pressure. 
  • More importantly, it is the most costly option for a long time on this list.


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7. Central Machinery Belt Sander


The 7th choice on our list is not a sharper belt knife. See, people used little belt sanders to sharpen the kitchen and equipment, but when this sander hit the market, it created more options to play around with. It wasn’t a popular alternative, but it worked. You only need a small sander, like the 1-inch by 30-inch central machinery and the correct sanding belts.


This sander employs an engine of 1/3 HP, 120 Volt, 3-amp, which rotates the sanding belts to 3400 RPM. This is a lot of pony for sharpening knives, yet it may be weak by some woodworkers. The motor speed may be readily removed off the blade by removing material.


Sander Function


If you want to sharpen, you can add ceramic belts of the same size as your sander and sharpen your clothes like a professional. You also can leather strap it to the hon. You can leather strap.


Variety of speeds


At a comfortable 3400RPM, the Grizzly 1/3 HP drive churns. It’s also a fixed speed; thus, changing the belt is the only option to restrict the volume of metal removed. Its continued operation also means that you need to take care to prevent a crash, especially at the tip, from rounding the knife edge.




  • This stationary belt sander features a powerful 1/3 HP motor.
  • It can be used from your workpiece at up to 3400 RPM quickly.
  • Or it is fitted with a smoother finish with a finished belt and additional belts supplied individually.


  • The motor is extremely low-powered; it cannot handle heavy loads.
  • The built-in brake needs constant adjustment to prevent drag.


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8. Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener


The WSKTS is the originally designated sharpener and can be used for sharpening practically any custom cutting device. The WSKTS can set an edge on every single fillet from direct edges to curved edges and fillet knives to your EDC.


Sharp Guides

The Work Sharp consisted of two guides with the unit, one with 50° C combined and  40° C combined (kitchen knives). The WSKTS is equipped with three different grit belts (P80, P220, and 6000). It has a fixed-speed engine of 120-volt, 7-amp.


Belt adjustment

However, the belt is just 1⁄2 inch by 14 inches, less than the other possibilities given here. And it is roughly a 30 percent duty cycle, so even with the WSKTS, you won’t sharpen your knives all day.



  • Sharpen each knife you own quickly, with ease
  • Consistent results like a pro. Make the sharpest blades you ever had!
  • Abrasive screw belts are easily replaceable. 
  • It comes for all your sharpening needs with excellent abrasive straps: coarse (P70), medium (P220), and fine (6000). 
  • During the sharpening, abrasive belts will not burn or damage the pale steel.



  • The packing has been reported to have missing parts not shipped with the box.
  • The price point could have been better.


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9. Cubikook 3-Stage Knife Sharpener

This small sharper has three sharpening phases, reducing the need for different tools to keep your kitchen clothes. The first phase is meant to sharpen seriously and should only be used only when serious work is required. There’s a rough slot with two rods covered with diamond powder, which removes large burrs and splits on your dull knife. The medium space is further deburred and smoothed using a tungsten carbide blade. 


Ceramic rod design


The finest slot is the most comfortable on the delicate border, with two ceramic rods. It lines and refines the edge without any further removal of material. Your knife can fulfill daily kitchen jobs with its edges honed and ready for the most challenging job, even before every kitchen round.


Solid blade construction


The device’s principal body is built of solid plastic ABS. The stainless steel covers both the workspace and the foundation for improved durability and cleaning facility. It is also tiny enough to stay in the storage place, but it won’t take much space to keep it out of the desk.



  • Overall, the CS-T01 from Cubikook is a well-rounded handset. 
  • We offer an excellent sharpener that is safe, fast. 
  • Requires no effort to use for any home-cook.
  • Great user-friendly design.



  • The product sometimes develops a defect due to which it can damage the knife.
  • Quality is not that good.


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10. Chef’sChoice XV Professional 


The small tool is one of the few to reduce your 20-degree rims to 15, which is why the XV designation is called a professional design. The typical angle normally found in the Japanese blades permits them to produce precision cuts, according to Chef’s Choice (and simpler physicals, in particular) rather than the standard 20-degree rims seen in Europe and the USA. That said, Chef’s Choice also has another sharper if you want to keep your 20-degree knives on the slopes.


Sharpening Slots


Easy to use and versatile, it can handle all kinds of knives. Since every slot just grinds one side of the edge, further steps are required, but this sharper also allows more versatility. It’s a good idea first to use the handbook to learn how to treat certain types of kitchen clothes, but you will be pulling them in no time.


Great Knife angles


How easy is it to cut your knives because of the reduced angle? It has a dedicated microscopic adjustment. This makes for a good working experience on even the most rigid materials.



  • Ideal for transforming a typical 20-degree household knife.
  • Manufacturing edges into high-performance 15-degree Trizor XV edges.
  • Advanced stropping and 100% diamond abrasives.
  • Straight and tight edge sharpening. 
  • Noise ranges are very high and are noisy to operate. 
  • Advanced, unique flexible spring guides for sharpening angle adjustment. 
  • Control and simple on and off switch features. 
  • The 15 Trizor has the strength of the Trizor blade with the sophisticated.
  • Ultra-sharp XV technology. 
  • The first sharpening time is about 1 minute and the esterification time is about 10 seconds the first time.



  • Operational errors are common in the machine.
  • The quality of the product is relatively low.


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Tips on how to use an electric belt knife sharpener

Just take it slow. Take it leisurely. Sharpeners come with more speeds with an electric belt knife. Start with the quietest environment, as you just learn. If this is done carefully, too much metal will prevent hurting knives. Moreover, excessive heat will also be avoided.


Get that burr out. The wire edge is crucial and constitutes a sharpening principle, irrespective of the application. Just sharpen one side until the burr is felt. This guideline is also popular with sharpening stones.


How’s the angle now? Various knives have various angle requirements. Check the manual or specifications for the maker – send an e-mail perhaps. Read our advice if you don’t find the perfect angle. Lower angles provide additional delicacy and sharpness. Not as sharp, but sturdy, are higher angles. Some experience will help you. For most knives, it should typically be 15 to 25 degrees.



Sharpeners are quick and efficient in electric belt knives. It saves you time, effort, tension, and tiredness. It’s easier and easier to learn how to use a sharpener than using other manual instruments. Here were the 10 best belt knife sharpeners in the market today. Be aware that you should buy a sharpener according to your needs. You can’t expect to buy a commercial product for home use; you should buy a tailor-made fit for your personal use.


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